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Need some help - Cannot stop array that is currently in 'Maintenance Mode'


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Hello all. Its not fun being stuck in Unraid limbo, as we all know. Maybe there is an easy workaround/solution that I am just not seeing.


Let me explain.  I have attached a diagnostics file and a syslog.





  • Initially I shrunk an array of 2 disks to one disk. That disk was taken out last week and currently in use in a whole different project. I had moved all my data to Disk 1 using krusader, prior to removing Disk 2.
    • image.png.d3e6599853d4b62c5d0c8921d9c6c1bf.png


  • After that I did not know how to get rid of Disk 2 from Unraid config. I tried the following while array was in maintenance mode. image.thumb.png.8131374607cdac4225ec79ac8a4324cf.png
    • This did not change anything on GUI ( I still have that Disk 2 with a red X mark under array devices.
  • The main issue now is that I cannot stop the array (just hangs and does nothing) . Now stuck in 'Maintenance Mode' and not sure what to do next.
    • image.thumb.png.0cda585d6f3d7516dfd6cdff4e9fd970.png


  • Lastly this is also pretty concerning. Not sure if i should be seeing this when i click on 'Shares' while in maint. mode. 
    • image.thumb.png.7ab6ed0b48c82d6ecafe8dcfeb6b7627.png





How should I proceed? I have a backup USB settings file somewhere but that is over 3 weeks old and would rather not go down that road unless absolutely necessary.


Thanks for reading and have a good rest of your day.


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Good point! I completely overlooked that function in Unraid.  I will have to do that once I can officially stop this array. A reboot or shudown 'feels' risky though at this point.


I was able to run a 'Flash backup' just right now but unsure if that will even be helpful if I were to reboot.  How risky is it to restore from a flash backup that is much older and has the Disk 2 info ?


I tried enabling SSH from management access but that is not going either.

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Real-time logging appears to be disabled while in Maintenance mode..?







I cannot run a parity check (Read-Check) in this current mode. Any way to force a parity check without SSH working?

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1 hour ago, acez7 said:

How risky is it to restore from a flash backup that is much older and has the Disk 2 info ?

As far as Unraid is concerned, there is still a disk2 in your array, even if the disk has been removed and smashed with a hammer. It is emulating the disk from the parity calculation by reading parity and all other disks.

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You can't do a parity check because you have a disabled disk. Why do you want to do a read check?


How did you get that "Erase Device Content"? I assume it was something on the Disk2 settings page shown behind it. Were you trying to change the filesystem? Only wonder because I don't know how you got hung up there.


2 hours ago, acez7 said:

shrunk an array of 2 disks to one disk. That disk was taken out last week

You haven't shrunk the array until you get a configuration without disk 2 and with parity rebuilt. You have had no parity protection ever since that disk was removed.


I don't think there is much risk to using the power button. No disks are mounted in Maintenance mode. You are going to be rebuilding parity anyway. Go to Settings - Disk Settings and disable autostart. Then when you restart you can go immediately to New Config

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