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Issue with mounting a share to binhex-Sonarr docker

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I couldn't find a Binhex-sonarr specific forum to post this in.


I'm trying to import my already existing library to Sonarr. I imported what exists on my unraid server itself successfully, but I have a remote mount to my NAS that works, the share works, it's mounted fine, and I'm pretty sure I have it mounted correctly in the docker settings, and it even shows up when I go to import a library/choose a folder, and I browse to the folder I want to import. When I choose it and hit ok, nothing happens. It's really strange. Am I not able to import remote mounted shares to the container? That would suck.



I have an SMB share on my NAS added and mounted as a remote share on unraid

It's in /mnt/remotes/nasshare

In the docker container I have my share path as /remotes, host path as /mnt/remotes/nasshare, and default value is /mnt/remotes

It's really strange that I can browse to it, and it displays the contents within the sonarr docker, but clicking ok doesn't add the folder like it did for the other 2 shares I added.

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