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I have a "chicken-egg" problem

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I have Unraid OS 6.83. I have monthly parity checks. I have a MINIX-U9 box for pretty stuff with kodi and Unraid box for all Movies/TV/etc. They are on a completely closed system (on purpose with no internet) and network cable goes from back of MINIX box to back of Unraid box, this has worked fine for years. There have been no power outages or any abnormal things that I can think of to cause my issue. I leave my media center on 24/7 except for this issue.


Issue is about every 3-6 months randomly I go to watch movie/TV show and it says "this file is not here, do you want to delete it". This translates to the unraid box effectively "not connected" as if I were to unplug the CAT 5 cable (which I didn't). Since it is a "closed system" the only way to see the unraid dashboard is if I unplug CAT 5 cable (between MINIX box and Unraid box) and string different CAT 5 cable from Unraid box to my personal PC to access the web GUI dashboard. I am unable to see web GUI dashboard and using windows 10 "cmd" on my PC to ping, it says destination host unreachable (aka as if it was unplugged).


The ONLY way I solve this issue is to do a hard shutdown (which sucks and shouldn't be the way to do it) thereby upon restart a parity check starts (which takes ~ 11 hours). I used to let parity check run but after last 3 or 4 times I decided to stop it and things behave fine...for about 3 or 4 months till I start again.


The chicken/egg is I can't get diagnostics file since I can't access or see unraid box. Only way is to do hard shutdown, restart, stop default parity check, download diagnostics file, and post to you guys. If I recall diagnostics file is kinda useless if unraid has been shutdown (aka you can't see what happened in past)? I included one anyways after I was able to restart, cancel parity, download diagnostic file, and post to you.


Any ideas why after about 3-4 months unraid just decides to "disconnect" without obvious reason?


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I am not sure about time (12:55) of when I started what? I think this is AFTER I did the hard reset. I am not a tech person so I don't know what "csrf_token" is or why I got error. I think at 13:05 I started updating plugins and such. 


would "clock unsynchronized" cause any of my issues?


I am at complete loss why after 3-6 months my Unraid server just "disconnects" even though it is always powered on.

syslog screen pic.jpg

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You can connect a keyboard and monitor to your Unraid server to look at the server from either the command line (default boot option) or the GUI mode (one of the boot options).  You don't have to leave the monitor connected.  Just connect after you have a problem.  (Be sure to hit the <CTRL> key or the <ALT> key a few times after making the connection/turning-on-monitor as I seem to remember that server's GPU will go to sleep after a while.)


Be sure to clean the inside of the server out occasionally as 24-7 servers collect the stuff like a vacuum cleaner.  From your description of your setup, I would also gather that you don't monitor this system on a regular basis to see any problems as they develop.   


It sounds like your server is locking up for some reason.  Unfortunately, most of the time, Lockups are hardware related.  One thing to do is add a cheap 5 port switch to your setup and run a CAT5 cable over to your PC.  That would allow you to access the server by swapping cables on your PC while is is still connected to the MINIX-U9 box.  (I assume you know that everything will have to be done with IP addresses and you will probably have to assign one to the PC.)  And you can also ping the MINIX-U9 box to see that you don't have an issue there. 

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