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Change passphrase without knowing the current one on an Unlocked xfs - encrypted array


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1 hour ago, YOUANDAI said:

Thanks JonathanM - I don't have that possibility right now due to its size. Isn't there away to change the passphrase, or remove it/decrypt in this state?

Not that I'm aware of.


As an aside, encrypting your disks makes ANY sort of file system recovery very hard or almost impossible, so having backups of anything important is especially crucial when you use encryption. I would figure out a way to get things backed up ASAP.

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At the very core of it, encryption means no passphrase = no data. If there are easy ways to circumvent that, then the encryption isn't useful.


I get that it's currently unlocked, so you aren't hosed yet, but if you don't get the data backed up, it's only a matter of time until the situation is beyond help. Whatever you do, don't allow the array to stop.

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