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Disk to disk copy/move stalling


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I recently moved over to unRAID (bought Pro license) and love the features. I'm moving data around between disks to enable encryption. Taking great care to move disk to disk and never disk to share etc. My problem is that when moving data from disk (unecrypted xfs) to disk (encrypted xfs), the moving/copying of data starts of fine with close to read/write speeds of the drives (240-170 MB/s) but after a while ("a few tens of GBs") the speed decreases and comes to a stalled state. I'm using Krusader (but same result with MC), all drives in the array are 12TB WD Reds, the single parity drive is a 12TB Seagate Ironwolf. unraid-diagnostics-20210904-0959.zipattached to an LSI 9400-16i 12Gbps HBA. System is a Ryzen 3600 with 64GB unbuffered ECC RAM. The amount of data that is being successfully moved does not seem to correlate with amount of memory/cache.


How do I troubleshoot this?


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The initial copy is probably being buffeted to RAM and then stalling as the RAM buffers get flushed to the drives.


in a parity protected array you are never get anywhere close to the raw disk speed as discussed here in the online documentation accessible via the ‘Manual’ link at the bottom of the Unraid GUI.   You normally want the ‘Turbo Write’ option enabled to get the best speed achievable in such a scenario.

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