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Mover behavior with unprotected array?


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Hi, I'm transferring a large media library from a Windows box so I have temporarily disabled the parity. I'm also restructuring the cache pool setting (enabling encryption) so I need to move data off cache pools. After settings shares to 'Yes' I run the Mover but files remain on the cache pools. Is this expected behavior, i.e. will Mover leave files on cache pools if the array is not parity protected?



The Mover

The Mover is a utility that runs periodically to move files off the cache disk and onto parity-protected data disk(s). If Mover logging is enabled, the mover will record all its activity to the system log.

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Why not keep posting in your previous thread about your mover issues :


Did you try what I proposed there ?

What are the result ?

You can share you diagnostics after a Move with logging enabled if you want help analyzing the output.


8 minutes ago, BigFam said:

will Mover leave files on cache pools if the array is not parity protected

It should move the file, if all other conditions are met.


You can also check this :



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My thinking was to separate my actual issue with a general question about expected behavior. Still learning the forum culture...


In the end I took a risk and stopped everything and manually moved the files using MC. It was probably not a decision you should give as advise but I could not get Mover to move the files. Reformatted the cache pools using encrypted btfrs. Everything up and running and shares re-configured/reverted to use the cache. Only negative site effect so far is I had to reconfigure the Roon Server container.

Thanks for you advise @ChatNoir, I really like the excellent support in the unRAID forums.

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