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Parity Drive Errors

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Just to check - it looks like you have parity2 but not parity1?


A drive gets disabled when a write to it fails.   The diagnostics show lots of resets occurring on the parity2 drive, although the smart information looks OK.    This is typically an issue with the power and/or SATA cabling to the drive so that should be carefully checked.


To re-enable the parity drive you may need to rebuild it from all the data drives.   I did not check them but are they all fine as far as you know as that is necessary to be able to rebuild parity.  If going this route you could also consider switching the drive to be parity1 if you are going to run with single  parity going forward.


  • the diagnostics include the syslog so no need to provide it separately
  • you have mover logging enabled, You do not want to leave that enabled unless you are investigating a mover related issue as it both clutters the syslog and also the file names are not anonymised which has privacy implications.
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I replaced all cables last time and plug directly into power supply removing splitter, I am new to Unraid but not to IT, surely the connection issue is the fact that it is not seeing the drive as sdj anymore, as the same drive is in Unassigned Devices and mount point is sdk?   


If I reboot as I did last time this happened, it will remount to sdj then I will be able to reassign back to the array and run parity check and it will be fine until next time. Am I missing something but why is it assigning it a different mount point, and what is causing that?

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