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VNC + dedicated graphics


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Gday all,


I have a couple of windows VM's, primarily for acces purposes but in the near future for more home work related purposes.

The template to set up VM's offers to add a 2ndary graphics card. Now i have set 2 VM's up with primary graphics being VNC and 2ndary graphics being a GT710 (i have 2 in the machine so each has their own, nothing shared).


Whenever i load the VM, i can see in task manager that the GT710's are detected. However, the VM doesn't use them and uses the primary (VNC) instead, which ofcourse gives additional load to the cpu. This happens both when connecting via Qemu and when actually accessing it through KVM (so both with an actual screen as via remote desktop means).


When i switch the GT710's to primary adapter, i am not able to add VNC as 2ndary adapter.


How would i get the VM to actually use the GPU, without losing the VNC ability?



forcing it thru windows for applications specific gives . . . crap performance

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