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Keep crashing and have NVIDIA syslog errors

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I keep crashing after about a day. I installed a lsi 9207-8i in IT mode and a Quadro p400, but I currently uninstalled the raid card and turned on save syslog to eliminate one thing at a time. I thought maybe having the raid card in my PCIe 4x 2.0 was causing an issue (PCIe 16x 3.0 is filled with the Quadro p400), but still crashed after removal.  Then I deleted the GPU community app hoping that was my issue, but it still crashed. At around 10am this morning I reinstalled the app. I don't have the syslog from before the last crash. I turned it on after. This has happened once or twice before I installed any of the hardware upgrades, but was running for weeks at a time. I thought it had been fixed. The last two crashes happened around 4am (yesterday) and around 8am (this morning). I'm currently running a check on the disks, but haven't found any errors.


I can transcode with the Quadro p400 in Plex. I had 6 simultaneous transcodes going at once to test it the other day.


When it crashes I can't connect to the pc through the web browser and I just have a blank screen if I switch to the connected monitor.


Sorry if I have posted this incorrectly. I haven't tried to post a log before.



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