Guidance and or direction in relation to modifying an existing docker container on DockerHub


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What would it take to modify this dockerfile?  The last 2 lines are as follows:


12 ENTRYPOINT ["/opt/songkong/"]

13 CMD ["-r"]


The author (developer of SongKong) is not that versed in docker, and not sure how to make the necessary changes, and stated that I should be able to do it myself, I'm willing but not sure where to start.


The program allows different command line switches, but I have no idea how to pass a different CMD switch, as the dockerfile appears to be set to -r (as seen above in line 13)  Can this be a variable?, could it be removed entirely so that you would be required to pass the switch of your choice by using the extra parameters option in Unraid when adding the template?  Here are some of the the available CMD switches.  I'd like to automate it going into Watch Mode -w /watch, instead of just starting in remote mode, which then requires me to manually put the software in watch mode after every Unraid reboot, or Docker start / stop / or restart.


Execution Command/Command, so to run the command line help we would just set it to -h

Execution Command/Command to -m /music

Execution Command/Command to -w /music

Execution Command/Command to -w /watch


More details here:


Any guidance, feedback or other is appreciated.












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@jbear It doesnt look like anything needs to be changed to me. When used alongside an ENTRYPOINT statement the CMD statement serves to define default arguments for the entrypoint. To override them you need only add your preferred arguments on the end of the docker run command (when running via command line). For unraid templates those arguments are added via either the "Extra Parameters" or "Additional Arguments" field (I forget exactly which one)". Just try typing them into one of those fields on the docker page and use the save button to view the generated docker run command and make sure they are tacked on the end.

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