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  1. Anyone have this script working under 6.10.0-RC5? The command "mdcmd status" doesn't appear to output rdevLastIO anymore. Also, from what I can tell ,"mdcmd spinup" does not work either.
  2. Appreciate the feedback, in the meantime, I'm dialing it down, and I'm only using the OpenVPN-Client redirect for NZBHydra2, NZBGet and qBittorrent. Everything now working as it should with Unraid Host IP addressing. I suppose I wanted to encrypt everything, inclduding lookups when adding new content from Sonarr/Radarr etc, but that is overkill. Appreciate all you do.
  3. ich777/openvpn-client Version: 6.10.0-rc2 bridge Could this have anything to do with my VPN provider (NordVPN) and related .ovpn? I can console into other docker containers (not using the OpenVPN redirect), and can ping my host @ and other hosts on the subnet /24) I'm definetely stumped. Do appreciated you taking the time to assist.
  4. Interesting, I must have a configuration issue, prior to routing Sonarr, Radarr, NZBGet, NZBHydra2 etc. through the OpenVPN-Client docker I had no issues with docker containers being able to access each other with Unraid Host IP and corresponding docker IP port #. What would I be looking for? After routing all of the above through the VPN and adding the port variables for each one, I can still access the Webgui for all the above. Running ->Curl ifconfig.io tells me all these dockers are using the OpenVPN client properly based on the returned IP, but for some reason they can no longer talk to each other with HOST IP ( and only with the APP IP (172.x.x.x). Some kind of weird routing issue, opening a console for NZBGet (which is now going through the VPN), I get no response when pining my Unraid Host ( Much appreciated.
  5. Not sure this is the best solution, as the app IP address seems to change when restarting the server. My docker app IP addresses are in the range. My host IP is I'm unable to access with other dockers using the host IP address and docker port #. Maybe a better way to do this? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  6. First off, I wanted to thank you for the OpenVpn-Client docker. I'm using it to route traffic from other docker containers, which is working fine, accessing the webui for these containers is working fine with added Port commands etc. The only issue I'm having is with docker to docker communication, as soon as I route a docker through OpenVPN, other dockers aren't able to communicate with that docker anymore. If this question was already asked, I apologize, I looked through the thread and didn't see anything. For instance if NZBHydra2 is being routed through OpenVPN docker, Sonarr can't access NZBHydra2 for searches. Maybe I'm missing something. Much appreciated. UPDATE: I figured it out, (App IP Address, and NOT the host IP address). Rather than delete the post.
  7. https://hub.docker.com/r/songkong/songkong What would it take to modify this dockerfile? The last 2 lines are as follows: 12 ENTRYPOINT ["/opt/songkong/songkong.sh"] 13 CMD ["-r"] The author (developer of SongKong) is not that versed in docker, and not sure how to make the necessary changes, and stated that I should be able to do it myself, I'm willing but not sure where to start. The program allows different command line switches, but I have no idea how to pass a different CMD switch, as the dockerfile appears to be set to -r (as seen above in line 13) Can this be a variable?, could it be removed entirely so that you would be required to pass the switch of your choice by using the extra parameters option in Unraid when adding the template? Here are some of the the available CMD switches. I'd like to automate it going into Watch Mode -w /watch, instead of just starting in remote mode, which then requires me to manually put the software in watch mode after every Unraid reboot, or Docker start / stop / or restart. Execution Command/Command, so to run the command line help we would just set it to -h Execution Command/Command to -m /music Execution Command/Command to -w /music Execution Command/Command to -w /watch More details here: https://community.jthink.net/t/how-to-run-songkong-cmdline-with-docker/9321 Any guidance, feedback or other is appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I am, I found this link, which I will review. Appreciate the feedback. https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-6-9s-multiple-pools-support
  9. I have a 1TB 2.5" SSD (current cache drive formatted XFS) and recently added a 2TB NVMe, which I haven't allocated yet. Ideally I think I would like to separate my Docker APPDATA and cached shares (on separate physical drives), as I have started to run out of cache space for my shares on occasion, requiring me to schedule the mover more frequently (more than once a day), which has it's pros and cons. My APPDATA folder is around 500GB, and includes Plex Server (large media collection), and Nextcloud along with other common dockers (NZBGet, Sonarr, Lidarr, Radarr etc. etc.) I'm backing up APPDATA to the array once a week via the CA Backup Tool. I would like to leverage Nextcloud a bit more going forward, storing scanned bills etc., along with other documents. If I mount the new 2TB NVMe via unassigned devices, and move my APPDATA folder, I assume CA Backup tool could still backup from the new location? Then just use the 1TB SSD for cached shares? Open to feedback and ideas. Thanks.
  10. Curious if the X11SCA-F guys have Turbo Mode issues with their board.
  11. I second this, multiple fan profiles would be awesome, In my 24bay 4U case, under heavy disk load I spin up the fan wall to pull more air through the front to keep the drives cool, under a CPU intensive workload (when the drives are often spun down), I would also like to spin up the fan wall, and pull more cool air into the case. Renaming would be nice also, but not as important as above
  12. Good point Pixel5. I think so many read the various hard drive reports (Google, Microsoft, Backblaze) the reality is those tests were done in a purpose built data centers, where drives are idling in the 20's c. It's nice that we all want to replicate that in our homes, however, realistically all we can do is optimize air flow through our cases. Depending on where we live (ambient temps), and how cool you want to keep your home in the warmer months, you really can't expect to keep drives under 40c, unless you are keeping your house cool in the warmer months, or live in a cold climate. I guess what I'm saying is, there is a trade off, and manufactures do provide a safe operating range for their drives knowing that not every drive is going to live in a data center. Personally, I like my drives to idle in the 30c range, prefer them to operate under moderate to heavy load under 50c. Lot's of great tools available to pause parity checks, shutdown servers based on the temps you are comfortable with. Will I be more likely to have a failure, I suppose so, have I had a failure, NO. I'm not spending hundred of dollars to keep my home as cold as a data center when I'm not home.
  13. I've been using Handbrake to transcode about 200 older ISO's, after about a day or so of heavy use, it locked. When I'm done with this project, I will try and re-enable Turbo, and see if I experience issues under more "normal" use.