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  1. 108c, that is off the charts, never heard of such a thing, that is 226 degrees Fahrenheit, I believe max operating temp on Seagate Ironwolf drives is 70c, similar on WD Red NAS drives. Something seem off, you need to improve you airflow ASAP, make sure fans are working, install more fans. Where is your NAS located? Closet? Dungeon?
  2. The OAuth2Proxy container is always stuck in "Update Ready" status, not experiencing issues with any of my other containers. I've tried updating, re-installing, with no luck. It does work however, which is the most important thing It's been like this for some time now, dating back to 6.6. Thought I would post to see if anyone had an idea what may be going on. Currently on 6.7.0-RC7. Thanks.
  3. Note sure if anyone replied on this, but files can't be added to Nextcloud by copying them directly into the user profile in the file folder. You must leverage webdav, web interface etc. Alternatively, iI you do choose to add them in this manner, you would need to invoke the occ tool from the command line, there is a parameter to add them to the database with files:scan. Not sure if this would make sense or not. Hope this helps.
  4. I followed the manual instructions via the link on the first post. It does state you can use the web interface also, but I couldn't find any proof that was the preferred method after reading this entire thread. I did have to re-install all of my apps for some reason, not sure why, but I did follow the directions exactly as provided. Re-adding the apps was very simple, configuration settings relating to those apps appear to have been retained. So I'm now on 15.0.2.
  5. https://blog.linuxserver.io/2017/05/10/installing-nextcloud-on-unraid-with-letsencrypt-reverse-proxy/
  6. I'm new to Nextcloud, but you will likely need to manually remove it from Maintenance mode, you can do that from the console (select docker drop down down, then console). Would be something like this from the /config/www/nextcloud folder. sudo -u abc php occ maintenance:mode --off or from any path sudo -u abc php /config/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:mode -off Then restart docker and troubleshoot from there I suppose. Did you backup before upgrading?
  7. Glad to see someone finally got this running. I will test it out. Thank You.
  8. Stopped working again, on or around 7/7 @binhex
  9. Any plans to update this container, fix scraping etc? Can someone recommend something else?
  10. Stopped working for me again on 5/25, will dig into the logs and see if I can find out why.
  11. I was asked if I wanted to try the beta docker, I was NOT told that I could NOT share anything, or did I sign anything. It was a fairly casual exchange. They said they hadn't had time to put together any documentation for the docker beta. I was able to import the docker image based on the CLI commands you shared, but I have no idea how to proceed from here. I unfortunately have been spoiled by the simplicity of UNRAID, and don't have a strong working knowledge of docker based apps. I asked the vendor if they planned on making it available via DockerHub, I will followup when I get an answer.
  12. No, because there's no way to pull that data. Could we leverage this?
  13. So now we just need a template to make it work with UNRAID?