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  1. Curious if the X11SCA-F guys have Turbo Mode issues with their board.
  2. I second this, multiple fan profiles would be awesome, In my 24bay 4U case, under heavy disk load I spin up the fan wall to pull more air through the front to keep the drives cool, under a CPU intensive workload (when the drives are often spun down), I would also like to spin up the fan wall, and pull more cool air into the case. Renaming would be nice also, but not as important as above
  3. Good point Pixel5. I think so many read the various hard drive reports (Google, Microsoft, Backblaze) the reality is those tests were done in a purpose built data centers, where drives are idling in the 20's c. It's nice that we all want to replicate that in our homes, however, realistically all we can do is optimize air flow through our cases. Depending on where we live (ambient temps), and how cool you want to keep your home in the warmer months, you really can't expect to keep drives under 40c, unless you are keeping your house cool in the warmer months, or live in a cold clim
  4. I've been using Handbrake to transcode about 200 older ISO's, after about a day or so of heavy use, it locked. When I'm done with this project, I will try and re-enable Turbo, and see if I experience issues under more "normal" use.
  5. Still no L2.32 BIOS on the ASRock site. I may try another MB at some point, seems like we shouldn't have to throttle the CPU.
  6. Correct, really no change, other than not needing a special BIOS now. If you enable iGFX, it will work exactly how the special unreleased BIOS did.
  7. I tried re-enabling turbo on my unraid setup and it locked up after 2-3 days, I'm running 6.9 Beta 30. Is this a motherboard issue? Unraid issue? Does anyone even know?, it is bothersome that I can't enable turbo mode.
  8. I did about several weeks ago, no issues to report in my case.
  9. I know this has been discussed in the past, several years ago. It would be nice to be able to 'enable' an inactivity logout threshold for the admin interface for security reasons. It wouldn't need to be enabled by default, only by choice, the ability to set the threshold in minutes would be great. Is this a complicated endeavor? Thanks.
  10. I was able to downgrade to 6.8.3, I will troubleshoot further from here. Thanks for your help. Just not 100% certain it's a software issues, prefer to troubleshoot hardware on the stable branch
  11. I'm familiar with this process. Thanks. Yes it did freeze under BETA 24 also.
  12. It was, but only BETA 24 is available for restore. I've run every BETA in the 6.9 release cycle. Thanks.
  13. Freezing daily, requiring power cycle. Can't ping or access web interface. Is there a path back to 6.8.3 for troubleshooting? Diagnostics attached, appreciate it. tower-diagnostics-20200813-1057.zip