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(ignore)Hi and I am sorry if this is already asked but I just cannot find anything exactly the same.


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I have had my unraid up and running for months. For some reason one day it just stopped being accessible. I have replaced my modem. I have done video calls with "linux experts" sigh they werent able to help. 

So the green lights on my motherboard show up perfectly as though they are connected via lan, the router however does not see these connections at all. I have tried to connect directly through the router and through my managed switch. it is just so odd. I am wondering if there is a way for me to just start from scratch but still keep all of my data. I am happy to reset my entire network again... I have just done it like 4 times to no avail... On my daskboard I can see it says etho has like 1kbps which is worse than it just not working... then at least I would think about getting a new nic.... 

If anyone is able to help this jumble I would so greatly appreciate it..... I am able to get into my gui if I just log into gui from startup but there is no way I can access my files, dockers, info.

I am just very lost.

Thank you for your help. I can try to explain better if there are any specific questions I am just sick and trying to watch my videos in bed but unable so this is sortof irksome. 


Thank you for your time!







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I just got off the phone with my cable company for like the 4th time... this time I got someone willing to at least troubleshoot with me. Many times If I choose for the server to use dhcp it will choose a ipv4 address outside of the ... home....     We figure this must have to do with some setting I have messed up... Please if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!!

ident config 1.png

ident config 2.png

network-rules config.png

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Since you have posted the same thing in another thread, and already gotten replies there, I have locked this thread. Please don't post multiple threads about the same problem. It makes it impossible to coordinate responses. If you think your thread hasn't gotten the attention it deserves after a reasonable time, make another post in that same thread. This is known as "bumping". People will often just post "bump".


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