One-Click Deploy Badges (Heroku-style) for unRAID (and more) - with the help of URL handlers!

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Every now and then I come across buttons like these on GitHub:




I think especially for applications submitted to the unRAID CAs by the application's author themselves this could provide useful, because a) obviously you'd love to know if they themselves directly support and maintain the unRAID template and b) it just increases unRAID awareness.


I had this on my mind for weeks, months even, but only today did it dawn on me that the one thing that stood between this link just being a target to some online template overview and being actually useful and "one-click to install" is that unRAID's Web UI should just be able to be registered as a URL handler. You could call the protocol unrd:// or something, idk. Or straight up unraid://?


I'm not sure, but I wanna see what everyone else thinks and if this could possibly be something that's interesting to the team. :)


This could maybe even be expanded to include targets for plugin installs, specific settings (even easier to provide assistance if you can link people to their respective settings page they need to go to) etc... (hey, even Windows lets you link to Settings these days!)


Cheers and have a nice weekend ya'll! :)


PS: taste test? Sure why not: (400% so you can fully marvel at the beauty ;P)




deploy to unraid.png

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