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Suspecting VMs section crashing WebUI

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Hey all, I have a rather odd issue I've been running into for the last couple month and want to see if I can finally squash it with some community assistance.



The issue/bug seems to happen whenever I try to interact with anything concerning VM's or the VM's settings of Unraid.  Most recent trigger seems to be when I try to use SIO's script to pull an nvidia kernel from one of the cards I have that i was planning on using in a VM. 



-Issue has persisted into the 6.10 update

-Issue seems to break WebUI external and local access until a reboot/shutdown

-Issue seems to interrupt the reboot process and I have to take the array down disk by disk then do a dirty shutdown to get back into the system

-Currently not using any VM's so it hasn't been much of an issue up until now. 

-I have SSH access through Putty



Please let me know what you guys would need to know or what I may have brushed over to help get this figured out. 



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