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server not connecting to network after first reboot

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hey everyone!

please excuse my ignorance. this project is really pushing the limits of my computer skills. 


this is my first server. I booted it up last night and it set an automatic IPv4 address and I thought i was off to the races! I installed some plugins and started transferring data. today after parity sync was finished, I shut down to add another hard drive. when I restarted, it no longer had an IP address. after looking at some posts here I edited the network config file to try and give it a static IP. that didn't help. I think there may be a more fundamental problem though because  I don't see the server as a connected device on my router and im not even getting lights on the ethernet Ports. i'm wondering if there are any glaring problem that can be seen in my diagnostics files 


Thanks for any help that you can give!


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