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[Solved] SMART Errors and now Disk Disabled. :( Please advise.


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Hi unRaiders, after receiving a few notifications about SMART errors, a disk in my backup array has now been marked disabled. (The irony is, I just ordered a replacement disk from amazon.) Fortunately, the drive is not on my production box, but it would be nice if the data could be restored because of the huge amount of time it takes to complete a backup.


Can anyone tell if the contents are being emulated or is the data lost forever? (please see attached diagnostics.)

Also, can anyone point me in the right direction to restoring the data on this disk if that is still an option?


Thank you!!





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2 minutes ago, itimpi said:

If the disk is being emulated then it will show as this on the Main tab and the system will act as if it were still present. If it shows as mounted you can then examine its contents.   Whatever shows up there is what you will end up with after a rebuild.

ok, I see what's going on now. The contents emulated message is only displayed if you hover the mouse over the red X. For some reason, I thought it would be a banner notification on the main page underneath the drive in question (like it did when I had a different issue where it said "Structure needs cleaning"). It looks as if I can just replace the drive and have parity rebuild the contents.


Single parity disk only... maybe I should shut it off until the replacement drive arrives?


ps. marking as solved.

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