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Missing OS after update from 6.9.1 to 6.9.2


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Dear all,


I just tried to update my server from 6.9.1 to 6.9.2 via the web interface. Unfortunatley, the system is now not booting anymore. I have to confess that I'm not a Linux pro and I have concerns to face data loss and (what will likely anyhow be the case) my server settings.


- Unraid was installed on a USB stick

- System is not recognizing the stick after boot as bootable device containing an OS (Missing OS notification)

- I've tried via the boot manager to manually select the USB stick (in case of a potential issue with the installed HDDs), with no luck. All I can do is hit a key to reboot the system.


My questions would be:

- Any advice how to try to recover what might be still left on the stick, e.g. server settings? Any specific files I should try to extract, if possible?

- How save is it to reinstall Unraid (fresh install) to the stick and then reinitiate the HDDs (Raid 5, 4 disks with 1 parity drive)? Is this usually no problem or do I need to take care of specific settings?


Sorry for the rookie questions, but as said my experience is limited with Linux.


Thanks for your time and help.



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Do you have a recent backup of the Unraid flash?  

If you do then switching to a new flash drive with all settings is easy  


If not then this section of the online documentation has a process for getting back your dtive assignments


Your data will be intact regardless, but if you have no backup you will probably have to set up plugins/docker containers/VMs again.

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Unfortunately I'm stupid enough to not have a backup of the flash drive. I just used a recovery software to check if there is still something on the flash drive - yes it is, but most of the data on it is corrupted. Something must have went horribly wrong during the 6.9.2 update process.......


What I currently do is to manually copy the content of my HDDs to additional offline HDDs just to be sure to avoid data loss using a Ubuntu stick (data can still be accessed, thank god). Next step will be to get the RAID back online with a new usb stick, thanks a lot for your guide linked above.

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6 hours ago, Blueeye said:

(Raid 5, 4 disks with 1 parity drive)



3 hours ago, Blueeye said:

Unfortunately, the whole flash drive is not working any longer -.- I can't access anything. Tried it via Ubuntu and several Linux readers for Windows...

The flash drive is FAT32, a Windows filesystem. Put it in your PC and let it checkdisk.


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