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SYS log full, Parity Errors and cache drive failed

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I have had a whole bunch of major issues all at once. I am wondering if there is any way I can recover.


I upgraded to 6.10 RC1 and had an issue with the cache drive. None of the docker apps would run and I was getting errors saying it could not write to cache. The cache drive was giving errors in the run up so I knew it could have been a cache drive failure. 


I rolled back to 6.9.x as a precaution and still had the same errors so decided to replace the cache drive. I was not too worried about reinstalling the dockers apps. I rebooted and saw that one of my main drives was now saying it was unmounted. I swapped the cache drive, rebooted thinking the cache drive could have been causing some other issues. I rebooted and clicked on the format button. In my haste I did not spot that this also reformatted the unmounted drive. 


I ran a parity test and this gave my lots and lost of errors. The Log in RAM is also now at 100%, I looked and 128mb is syslog. I did a reboot and another parity test. Same thing, more errors in the partity test and syslog at 100%. I dropped in a new 6TB drive to run preclear in the hope I could pull and restore the faulty drive. I am not worried if I lose some data as my key files are backed up elsewhere.   


Preclear gave errors so am running preclear again as it ran at the same time as a parity check. 


Any advice or am I toast!



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