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Unexpected reboot / Parity Check Ran Automatically though Not Scheduled


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My server is on a new APC UPS.  I didnt have any power issues but my server rebooted for some reason today.  I got a notification that a parity check was started this morning.  It completed without any errors found.  I didnt think much of it but after work I hopped on and verified, I dont have any parity scans scheduled.  I manually kick them off every now and then.  Then, I noticed my uptime was only about 10hrs which was about the same time I got the notification.


I looked through the log using the Tools.  I dont see anything that sticks out but it appears to be a current log starting from this morning.  I havent looked yet as to where the log history is but Ill find it.


Just wondering if theres anything I should be concerned with.  Ive never had my server just up and reboot before.


All disks were fine - 0 errors as of last week when I checked.  Still 0 today.


Its been in place for almost 2 years without any issues.  Its good hardware which I know is broad statement but... Doesnt mean something isnt flaking out I guess.  




Edited:  A quick search seems I didnt have Mirror Syslogs to Flash Enabled.  Thats enabled now.  Also found that a normal reboot wont trigger a parity check while an unexpected reboot will.  Still researching.

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12 minutes ago, HairNutz said:

A quick search seems I didnt have Mirror Syslogs to Flash Enabled.  Thats enabled now.  Also found that a normal reboot wont trigger a parity check while an unexpected reboot will.

Seems you have answered some of your own questions.


Attach diagnostics to next post just so we can get a better understanding of your hardware and configuration, and maybe if it happens again syslog server will have something for us.

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I will do that.  I havent had to come here often but I know thats a normal part of the drill.  I found something else.  Im not sure what to make of it yet.


My server hard shuts off when I power off the 1 power strip (Monster something or other).  The server is directly connected to the UPS.  The power strip is as well.  Those are the only 2 direct connections to my UPS.  The power strip handles my modem, dream machine pro, switch and thats about it.  When I got the new UPS (new but had it in place 1.5 ish years), I made sure it powered up properly, backed up properly, etc.  I shutoff the same power strip several times while the server was running (again tested beforehand) while setting up and wiring the modem/switch.  


My server is not on the power strip.  If I shut off the power strip, my server shuts off.  


100% sure, they are on the side of the UPS that is battery backed up.


I do have a USB cable from the server to the APC UPS Pro 1500.  I have been using the power mgmt settings to gracefully shutdown in the event of power loss.  When I got the new APC, I tested it.  I set it up so that it would shutdown sooner rather than relying on estimated runtime.  Having owned a dozen UPS's over the years, I know they fall hard and quick when they get old.


Heres the kicker (for me anyway).


When I shut off the power strip (Only a modem, router, switch - server 100% not on this strip and connected directly to the UPS on the proper power backup side), my server shuts off hard.  I can then power back up my server.   Nothing else done.  My UPS protected server shuts off when something else turns off but still has power. 


Interesting.   Ill have to figure that out.


Ill keep looking.  Im kinda talking out loud here with posting.  Maybe to help others help me but also hopefully to help others step through how to figure it out.  


Edited:  Im suspecting the power strip.  I know its not recommended but whats connected to it by far draws less than it can handle.  Something is happening obviously when the power strip trips.  Why the server shuts down hard Im not sure yet but.  Ill be replacing the strip first and testing.  Then, Ill just plug in everything directly and testing.  I have enough outlets.


(Side note:  When I say testing, Im not going to let the server get hit.  Apples to Apples but before that same load on a PC I dont care about).


As a far out there - mostly informational.  I dont believe in coincidence.  All equipment is in the same "closet".  Its not hot in there.  Equipment closet is an actual closet off an air conditioned room.  Ive been losing internet the last few days.  Internal just fine.  External just fine as well if I use IP.  DNS has been the issue.  Not just my PC but a anything else Ive tested on my internal network.  Not the normal - no internet is available.  When I change the DNS server on my PC, I still have internet.  But - when I try to get into my DMP, its failing.   I say all of this to say, I thought my DMP was being flaky.  I know how to get it working.  Was going to look into troubleshooting it more.  Now, I find this power issue.  I dont know if power is causing DMP issues, if DMP is causing power issues, or, if they are both a result of something else completely.   


I also have not been able to directly connect to my DMP when this happens.  Obviously when its DNS, it cant find it when I try thy cloud connect.  When I fix DNS or direct IP to it, it still hangs.  When I SSH to it by IP.  Im not sure what to look for but its responsive.  When I reboot it from SSH, it works again.  Long winded.  Apologies.


Anywho.  Still talking out loud.  

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