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Failed file write - unmountable disk


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Hell Friends, I have been operating my server since January. I am very good with computers but new to unraid and linux in general. I'm more of a hardware guy.


I was sorting data from the win10 laptop to the server, didn't have any problems. Clicked copy and the transfer froze somewhere around 30%. Force stopped and was looking around and the laptop couldn't access the network shares. Went to the server and a bunch of shares were gone and one of the disks was marked 'unmountable.' I have done the best searching that I can think of and have concluded the file transfer has caused errors.

Please help me determine a course of action to fix. Is there a another method of fixing besides rebuilding I need to consider? Is rebuilding the 'simple' option that it seems to be? Are there any other considerations to take into account? I have read the wiki, but is the re a more clearly and specifically written procedure for rebuilding? I have read the wiki and it appears that the disk repair was written several unraid iterations ago and some of the details are different. As you may imagine, I want to be completely certain about this before I proceed.

I have included a diagnostic file.

Thank you in advance


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