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Accidentally connected my UnraidFLASHUSB to a VM - Help!


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Hello there, i cant login with my regular account so i created a new one because i really need your help guys!


I have some VMs and i wanted to transfare some data from one VM to an USB of an friend. 

I plugt his USB in and connected the USB to the VM with "USB Hotplug" - so i just pickt the USB out of the list and connect. 


Sadly i took the wrong one...i took the UNraid USB Flash. 


i dissconected it right away but my Unraid already lost it. 

So i dont think the USB is broken but Unraid cant see the files or the License anymore. 

My Dockertab is gone, my VM, Tab and when i click on "Apps" this message in Picture one appers. 


So i probably could restart and everything is fine but i am scared to do that because some of my frriends are using the dockers or some vms for gaming or even for work. I dont want to have a fatal crash for a long time. And at the moment everything is running...so i am scared to touch anything :'D

My VMs and my Dockers are running on two m2 1TB ssds. Still running even if i cant see them in the Disklist. 


So what can/should i do now?


I Added also some pictures for more Information










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12 minutes ago, anthem-212 said:

I am not sure what you mean i am sorry, my english is a bit rusty - what are you suggesting that i should do now?

I dont have a backup of the Flash and i cant make one.


1 hour ago, trurl said:


This means stop the array, and choose the option to power off the machine.

1 hour ago, trurl said:

put it in your PC

This means to take the flash drive out of the server, and connect it to your desktop or laptop computer.

46 minutes ago, trurl said:

and make one.

This means copy all the files and folders that are on the USB stick to a folder on your desktop or laptop.

1 hour ago, trurl said:


This means put the flash drive back in to the server and turn on the power.

Observe what is displayed on the server's monitor, and report back if there are still issues.


Did this translate ok?

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