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Unraid Unresponsive

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I'm running Unraid 6.9.2 on an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X. Every so often the system just locks up and the only way to fix it is for a hard reboot. Sometimes the system runs for weeks, other times days. The last time this happened someone here recommended I switch to an Intel NIC instead of using the onboard Realtek one. Unfortunately that didn't help. There wasn't much on the display so I tried to logged in there but nothing would type. I tried a Ctl-Alt-Del and after 60 seconds it said the system was unresponsive and went to the login prompt where, again, if  typed anything nothing happened.


I have C-state disabled in the BIOS as I know that seemed to be a fix for many, and the BIOS is running the latest firmware. I've attached the diagnostics for review.


I'm also including a few screen shots of what appears to be when the error started happening. This is from the syslog- file vs the main syslog file under System Log.


Any ideas? Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.




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