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No Ethernet after upgrade to 6.9.x or 6.10.0_RC1


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I have tried multiple times to upgrade to 6.9.1, 6.9.2 and most recently to 6.10.0_RC1.

In every case I end up with the same result - Upgrade completes without issue, but the server is unreachable on the local network.


I am currently running 6.8.3 without any issues and all of my previous updates to get to 6.8.3 have been flawless.


The Issue:

I have a fixed IP address (, the server is plugged directly into my router ( and running 6.8.3 performs flawlessly. No issues with the server registering on the network or being able to login to the server from my other PC's and Mac's on the local network.


After the update to 6.9.x or 6.10.0_RC1, which completes successfully - the server does not appear to be connected to the network (I get an eth0 is down, check the network cable error). So I swapped for a brand new cable I knew was working (tested it on another pc), rebooted, same issue.

I have checked the configuration on the network settings (I made no changes during the update, everything is still showing the same). However when I check, the server has a self-assigned IP address (169...).


I have tried all that I can think of to get it to register on the network (changing to "automatic IP address", switching off Bridging, and generally trying to make the darn thing work. 


Nothing works at all, except downgrading back to 6.8.3 - where everything works exactly as it did before.


I am attaching the server diagnostics in case there is something here that I cant see - but for the life of me I am stumped!


Any help will be most gratefully received



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59 minutes ago, dabraham said:

I have a fixed IP address (,


network.cfg setting use DHCP not a fixed IP


# Generated settings:

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6 minutes ago, dabraham said:

Thanks @Vr2Io - I believe I may have taken the diagnostics after I set the USE_DHCP="yes". 

Unfortunately, the server was still unable to connect to the local network (I ended up plugging a monitor in an then going through all my troubleshooting). Even with DHCP set to auto - it was still self assigning an IP address (169...)


in dhcplog, it look like DHCP problem, br0 soliciting a DHCP lease but timeout after 5 sec


Sep 23 09:00:09 [10500]: br0: waiting for carrier
Sep 23 09:00:12 [10500]: br0: carrier acquired
Sep 23 09:00:12 [10500]: DUID 00:04:03:8d:02:40:04:5c:05:19:fc:06:a6:07:00:08:00:09
Sep 23 09:00:12 [10500]: br0: IAID 5c:19:fc:a6
Sep 23 09:00:12 [10500]: br0: soliciting a DHCP lease
Sep 23 09:00:13 [10500]: br0: soliciting an IPv6 router
Sep 23 09:00:17 [10500]: br0: probing for an IPv4LL address
Sep 23 09:00:23 [10500]: br0: using IPv4LL address
Sep 23 09:00:23 [10500]: br0: adding route to
Sep 23 09:00:23 [10500]: br0: adding default route
Sep 23 09:00:23 [10500]: forked to background, child pid 10619
Sep 23 09:00:25 [10619]: br0: no IPv6 Routers available

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good call @trurl - I do have the reservation set at the router level by MAC address - but even with DHCP - its still not getting an IP address from the router. 

I am leaning towards this being a hardware (or driver) issue - everything works perfectly fine on 6.8.3 - just moving to 6.9.x or higher is the killer

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ok, @trurl / @Vr2Io - I cleaned up my settings a little bit on the 6.8.3 server (I switched to DHCP, removed the IPV6) and made sure everything was working (it was!) - IP address was which must mean that the router is doing its job of assigning this via the reservation via the MAC address :)

I then ran an update to 6.9.2 using the update OS button in Tools

(No settings were changed during the Update)


On restart, the issue appears where the server is getting a self assigned IP address (169...)


I took logs from 6.8.3 before the update and then again from 6.9.2 and have attached below.


I then downgraded back to 6.8.3 and everything came back up as expected (with one exception of the Cache drive not being assigned - but that was solved by stopping the array and assigning it to the correct cache slot)


Hopefully these diagnostics help - but I am leaning towards the NIC itself being the culprit

6.8.3-tower-diagnostics-20210923-1518.zip 6.9.2-tower-diagnostics-20210923-1532.zip

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I perform some search on Internet for the message "rtl_rxtx_empty_cond == 0 (loop: 42, delay: 100)"


This case should be driver issue. In 1st, I suspect it is because some/old realtek chips issue, but also found another post have same problem on modern mobo ( AMD B450 ).

BTW, I am not sure how to load different driver for realtek NIC on Unraid, but you may troubleshoot in this direction.





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