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Overview: Support Thread for the NGINX Webdav Container

Docker: https://hub.docker.com/r/ck98/webdav-nginx

Github: https://github.com/ckocyigit/docker-nginx-webdav


After having issues, mainly connectivity with windows, with the currently available docker image (Apache-WebDAV by mgutt) I decided to go a different route and use SabreDav which should be more compatible with windows. I've forked a already existing SabreDav Nginx Image Repository and updated it to use PHP8 instead of PHP5 and a newer version of SabreDav 4.1.5 instead of 3.1.3.

For anyone who is also experiencing such issues I thought it would be nice to add this image to the Community Applications platform.


If it works for you :D

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Hello bowets,


that's a valid point. I've completely forgot about this because I'am using Traefik as proxy for my containers, which as a reverse proxy encrypts HTTP before entering the WebDAV container. Anyway I will try to add custom cert functionality.

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Hi @CK98,


I successfully install your docker container and it's working. But I have one problem that I don´t know how to solve. I set the permissions in the docker template to PIUD 99, PGID 100 (nobody, users) and the UMASK to 000.  There was a typo in the template of the Umask variable that was preventing to work correctly (it was PUMASK instead of UMASK), but after correct the typo in the template it was fine and files created in a webdav client appear with write permission ( -rwxrwxrwx ).  The problem, however, is that the files created in the webdav doesn't respect the PUID 99 and PGID 100, so instead of USER nobody and GROUP users they use USER sshd and GROUP sshd.  Which make impossible to edit the files in the server with a regular user in Unraid. Do you know a way to make files created in webdav client use the correct GROUP user?


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