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How are folks doing live testing when a reboot reverts things back? Any kind of "save changes on powerdown" functionality?


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I'm finding it challenging to do live testing when doing development because as soon as you reboot (or if the system crashes), you lose all your changes. 


Right now I have set up a local repo on my computer that I edit and then have a build task that pushes (scp) the files to my unraid server. That way on reboot I can repush the files back. It works but is rather cludgy.


Alternatively I can open the files directly from the unraid server using VS Code's SSH capability. But then if I reboot I will lose all my changes. 


I was thinking it would be cool if there was a feature where upon shutdown changed files in certain folders are copied to the flash and then the Go script copies them back on power up? Would be an easy-ish script/plugin I think.


That still doesn't help if the system crashes. 


So I was wondering how others are doing it? Maybe I am overcomplicating this?

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I think the normal approach is to put the master files somewhere persistent and then have a script to copy files into position for testing.  I personally use Dropbox as that means I can edit on my Windows system with the files automatically synced to the UnRaid server and then I have a terminal session active on Unraid to copy files to their runtime position.   I think others do something similar simply keeping the master files on the flash drive.

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