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Suddenly "folder could not be created" with Krusader

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So I am currently in the process of  setting up Unraid. I have to move the Data HDDs one by one from my old system (non Raid) to Unraid. Which means plug the HDD into a USB Case and connect to the Unraid server, move data with Krusader, afterwards plugging that same HDD into the server directly (SATA) and adding it to array. Rinse and repeat.


It went fine for 2 disks so far. The 3rd disk started good. I had it running over night and woke up to the error message that some files could not be copied (also the errors in the Main Tab appeared). I tried to copy over another folder and got the error message "Could not make Folder". There is data already in that specific folder.


Krusader is running with root privileges. Fix common Problems doesn't show any problems. What could be the error here?









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