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Been Hacked and hit up for Ransomware....


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So I've been hit for ransomeware for all of my video files on my raid.  I've since beefed up my security on Unraid and my perimeter security device.  I  assume my best bet is to wipe the OS off of the flash drive and all of the hard drives and start over since all of the files locked down were only Movies and TV Shows  Anyone have any other opinions?  Any advice on starting over.




!0XXX_DECRYPTION_README.txt tower-diagnostics-20210927-0041.zip

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1 hour ago, Showers said:

Any advice on how to clear the flash drive and start from scratch?

Make sure you have a copy of the licence file for the flash drive and then prepare it as if doing a new install and after that put the licence file back into the config folder.


When assigning you drives Unraid will recognise they were previously used by Unraid and thus will not try to format them.  Assuming you want to format them then (with the array stopped) change the file system type and restart the array and you will now be given the option to format them.  You can repeat this to get back to the original file system type if that is what you want.

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