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Rsync moving files to new UAD drive


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Hi All


I am replacing a 12TB Unassigned drive with a new 18TB and I did a:

rsync -avPX /mnt/disks/SEED/ /mnt/disks/SEED_NEW/


and later a update:

rsync -auPv /mnt/disks/SEED/ /mnt/disks/SEED_NEW/


But after unmounting the drives and renaming it to the "old name" replacing my old UAD drive I keep getting this:



After remounting the drive I no longer have luks (encryption) and also it shows the drive as 12TB partition under the 18TB drive

Is my rsynch command wrong?

is it UAD that somehow just cashes the old drive (I havent re-booted - to many things running so I cant right now)



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