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BTRFS ERROR and Windows crashing when playing steam games from array


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My log is filled with this error and I have no idea what it is. I know sdk1 and sdj1 are my cache drives. Both are 500GB crucial drives, no smart errors and set up in the standard raid 1 pool thing unraid puts cache drives in.


I also have my computer hard crash when playing steam games that are stored on my server. They're on the array saved on one disk, a WD Black. If I move the game to my local drive it works fine and doesn't crash my whole pc.


Anyone got any ideas? I'm completely lost here

What is this error..PNG


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1 hour ago, JorgeB said:

btrfs is detecting data corruption, first thing to do is to stop overclocking the RAM, see here for max supported speed for your config, then run memtest and a scrub on the pool.

Ram has been dialed back, turns out I actually had 2 bad sticks after running memtest. I've scrubbed the pool however Im still occasionally getting the error. Not a constant stream of it anymore though.

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