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Did I start something completely useless? Old Hardware.

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Perhaps not doing enough research thinking that my requirements are relatively low, instead of purchasing a Synology NAS, I opted to use an old Intel server I had and build an unraid system. I can find documents now though that it may have been too old back in the early '10s.


What I have: Intel S5000psl which has 2 Sata ports and 4 SAS/Sata ports.


My system was working with two 8TB Seagate Ironwolf drives to the SATA ports, I moved all my documents I had kept in network shares on my windows PC, and verified I had copied everything over. Then I began adding the additional drives from my windows machine which it no longer needed.


I added 2x Samsung SSD 256 GB cache drives which worked, but which show an error "Probable ATA device behind a SAT layer: Try an additional '-d ata' or '-d sat' arguement" I didn't think much of it, and with the cache I was seeing 120MBps transfer speeds from my other wired machines to the unraid server.


Then I added 2x 4TB Seagate Ironwolf drives to the SAS/SATA ports which then only showed 2.2TB available each. I am concerned that if I use these drives with only 2.2TB I will lose data if I eventually connect it somewhere which can see all 4TB, is this accurate?


Should I buy an expansion card with additional SATA ports, or should I just scrap the whole thing? File transfers have seemed to be fast enough, but I have not gotten into my Jellyfin server which is now giving "playback error this client isn't compatible with the media and the server isn't sending a compatible media format" errors on media which had no problem from my windows machine network share folder.


Perhaps a newer motherboard in this case?


Probably what I am really looking for is people to say "scrap it" and some advise how best to use the equipment I have to minimize cost in getting something set up.


Thank you!

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18 hours ago, winterberrycrackers said:

Then I added 2x 4TB Seagate Ironwolf drives to the SAS/SATA ports which then only showed 2.2TB available each.

This means that the controller that the drives are connected have a hardware limitation  of 2.2TB and are from the dinosaur age.  Only workaround is to add another controller.

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