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Disk started giving errors...wait to see what happens or replace?

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During this month's parity check a disk started giving errors:




The system says that parity is valid, but there were 108 errors on Disk 2.  I have a total of 6 data drives. Never had errors on any disk before.


I have a "hot" spare that I'm using as cache, same size.


Should I replace Disk 2 with the spare?   Or do more debugging/wait for a while? 


Thank you.

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Sorry, I had a birthday party for my daughter, then had to take my mother to the hospital the next day, then work started. 


Unraid is still giving me errors, saying that there is something stuck. 


To which file are you referring?  The log file? Does there need to be an immediate error (for instance, running the web interface, I had no message this morning, but did last night). 


If I want to remove the cache and replace the drive, do I:


1) take system offline

2) remove the cache from the sysem

3) remove the drive from the system

4) add the former cache drive as the disk that I just removed


Or are there other steps, such as reformatting the cache drive (formatted in btrfs) to xfs?


Thank you.

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On 10/1/2021 at 7:03 PM, Frank1940 said:

You need to provide a Diagnostics report.      Tools   >>>    Diagnostics


The portion that is bold is the directions to generating and downloading the Diagnostics file to your computer.  Attach the entire file .ZIP file to your next post.  It will contain the log file was well as other files that are used that the Gurus use in diagnosing problems with Unraid.


Let's address one issue at at time.   (Makes it easier to solve problems that way!!!)  The cache drive should wait until you have resolved the errors with disk 2.

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