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Out Of Memory errors detected on your server

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Looks like you have 8 instances of zmc using almost 80% of your RAM.

It might be related to Zoneminder. Does that ring a bell ?


Might have something else, but your syslog is spammed by this

Oct  5 16:01:59 HomeNAS upsd[4765]: Can't connect to UPS [ups] (usbhid-ups-ups): No such file or directory
Oct  5 16:02:00 HomeNAS upsmon[4769]: Poll UPS [[email protected]] failed - Driver not connected
Oct  5 16:05:50 HomeNAS upsmon[4769]: UPS [email protected] is unavailable
Oct  5 16:05:55 HomeNAS upsmon[4769]: Poll UPS [[email protected]] failed - Driver not connected


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Hello  ChatNoir, thank you for your help. 


yes, i just setup zoneminder a few days ago...maybe i setup wrong configuration... 😀


yes..i think something wrong with my UPS NUT Setting. It is not detecting UPS after a while.. but after i off and on it again, it is working.. for a while..


didnt realised it is spamming the syslog.

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