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I have 2 servers.
A Plex/Data Server
A Misc Server (Downloads, Updating, recoding, Converting, requests, etc)

Im looking for the best way to connect the 2 in such a way that i can transfer files to each other servers as if it was one through the dockers.

Whats the best way? Are there any Guides or Tutorials on this?

Note the servers are right in the same rack, and i can use the 2x Ethernet ports on each if that's an option as there are 3x ports with only 1 being used currently.

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On 10/12/2021 at 2:19 PM, ChatNoir said:

If you have time to provide more details, it might help other users in the future.


Unless you managed simply by adding shares of server1 to server2 with Unassigned Devices and vice versa. :) 

This is exactly what i did. May try to do more advanced, but system moves the files over fairly quickly. :)

I was able to mount the shares so i can access within the Dockers.

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