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Fetchmail is a handy tool to move / copy your emails from another email provider.
Lets say you host your own Mailserver and also want to receive your mails from i.e. googlemail. Fetchmail will take them and put it in your own inbox. 

Create the "fetchmailrc" file in the mounted data folder.
It should contain these lines - but you have to adapt it to fit your needs. i.e. your mail address and remove the "keep" if you want to remove the mails in the fetched remote mailbox.

set no syslog
set logfile /data/log/fetchmail.log

set postmaster "fetchmail"

poll imap.gmail.com with proto IMAP
  user '[email protected]' there with password 'yourpassword' is fetchmail here options fetchall ssl keep
  smtphost mail.example.org
  smtpname [email protected]


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