About the "my server" function with a proxy app running on the router

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I configured my router with a VPN service so that all the traffic will be through the router with an external IP address that match my VPN server. But the problem with this is the unraid read the incorrect WAN IPv4 address, which is not ISP address but the VPN server address. I set up the port forwarding in the router, yet it shows server unreachable. How can I fix this?


The attached picture shows the IP address of the VPN server.

I can access 

But Cannot access MY Real IP address:Port that is forwarding to 443



Also the port is open outside my local network.

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7 hours ago, ljm42 said:

Probably your best bet would be to configure the router so that the Unraid server doesn't use the VPN. The other option would be to configure your VPN service so that it does the port forwarding rather than your router.

Hi, Thanks for offering help. I have disabled VPN on router and passed the test. But still cannot access remotely.






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I noticed your screenshot says "Local access". To change that to "Remote access", you need to be on a different network than the server (or more exactly, you need to have a different WAN IP than the server does). Then the dashboard will offer you the Remote access link.

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