My USB drive seems to be broken


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This morning when rebooting my server it seems that my USB stick is broken.

UEFI doesn't find it as a bootable device and if i plug it into a windows laptop it says that i need to format the drive.


First, it seems that i dont have a backup of the device, thought i had but cant find it. So how many problems can i expect when booting up with a clean usb?


second, how "hard" is it to replace the usb sticks? i have another quite old drive home, and i want my server up asap. so thinking of using that drive now and replace it with a new drive soon. 

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I'm preparing for my new drive by reading

The docs say this:



In such a case the following steps can help you get your array drives back without data loss:

Create a fresh install of the Unraid flash drive as shown earlier.

Edit the file config/disk.cfg on the flash drive and if necessary change the


entry to


This is to avoid any accidents that might result in a data drive getting over-written with parity information.


The thing is, in my newly created usb drive I have no disk.cfg in the config folder. So shall I create it or will my array not start at boot since the file is missing?

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