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  1. integrated cloud backup. either onedrive, google etc or your own hosted service or a with a partner.
  2. Hi, Im waiting for the Stable version but from what i have read it got patched and started to work in a previous beta
  3. im new to linux systems, but im eager to learn, this is the output i get root@0d9237f2d370:/config/www/wordpress/wp-content# ls -la total 8 drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 67 Jul 2 07:59 . drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 4096 Jul 2 07:50 .. -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 28 Jul 1 17:36 index.php drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 80 Jul 2 18:00 plugins drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 108 Jul 2 18:00 themes drwxr-xr-x 1 abc abc 54 Jul 1 18:03 uploads
  4. As soon as I copy/pasted my docker run I did see what I did wrong, 'only subdomains' was in true. After changing to false i now get certificate for But another question that someone might be able to help me with. With wordpress there is often updates to plugins, themes and wordpress itself. Trying do update from admin page will prompt me for ftp username and password, I dont have a ftp. I understand that this is because the user that runs the page don't have access to the folders in wordpress, anyone knows how to set that up?
  5. Hi, I currently use this docker for nextcloud and bitwarden dockers, that works great. Now im trying to setup a Wordress inside the www folder in the letsencrypt docker and i want to redirect to But if i use www, in the subdomain field the certificate will be for, and then visitors get redirected to and a cert warning will show. If i dont enter www, in the subdomain field i get this error No subdomains defined E-mail address entered: http validation is selected Different validation paramete
  6. Same for me, using x570 auros master and it is a pity i cant use the onboard sound as passthrough and im really not comfortable with running a custom kernel. i was hoping for unraid 6.9 to be the version that could unleash the power of my new ryzen system, without the need for custom kernels
  7. So no one know how to do this?
  8. Hi, I was tired of not being able to access some dockers from other dockers and from VMs on the same interface. I read that I had to have the dockers in bridge mode or on a VLAN. So yesterday I setup 4 vlans. To verify that it worked I created a VM on vlan br0.2 and it worked, I got dhcp for that network (from the router) and could access unraid etc. So now I tried to install pihole and I put it on the interface br0.2, but no matter what I try I can't access the pihole web interface. I also installed a wordpress docker and put it on br0.2, but I couldn't acces
  9. Hi, In my unraid setup i have 4 NICs, no bonding. I have one docker on host network (plex). Then i have one VM on br0 (eth0). Then i have the rest of the dockers/VMs and also my workstation vm on br1 (eth1). I then have a pfsense that uses br2 (eth2) and br3 (eth3). My problems started with me trying to install wordpress and mariadb, i gave each a fixed ip on the br1 network. I then learned that docker1 can't talk with docker2 without custom network. i then created a custom network, but i couldn't create it on br1/eth1. Dont know if it is possible or not.
  10. Exactly. This is not a docker problem, just a wierd problem. Maybe because the 2 VMs are on different NICs
  11. Thx, doing the 'next,next,finish' strategy worked. When the fields are there, like the user and password, i thought i should enter that 😃 i have on another wierd issue now. I can't access from my pc (that is a vm on unraid). i can access that site from another vm on unraid, from my phone and laptop.🤔
  12. Hi and thanks for your reply! I understand this, but i think i have enough traffic on eth0, there fore i want to use eth1 (br1) for several dockers. I did not understand that i couldn't just point to another dockers IP on the same br1 interface without advanced configuration. I would have to look into that or use a VM This is not happening. Im trying bridge mode for now, i have changed the port to 8081 since unraid uses 8080, i have also changed to "http://[IP]:[PORT:8081]/" in the advanced settings, but when i click the icon the page is opening on 8080. thi
  13. Tried this docker tonight but dont know if im stupid, if there is something wrong in the container or my unraid. I setup MariaDB with the ip and port ...11:3309 (tried both host network and br1) During Wordpress docker installation i choose network br1 with the ip of ...12 Also during the setup i have tried several different container ports, both 8080 and 443. The funny thing is, even if a choose 8080 or 443, the "webui" link on the docker image always open the site with :8080. The other funny thing is, even if i choose 8080 or 443, the port mapping is always 80. And t
  14. can't help you, but im searching for the same. unfortunately im new to the linux world but I started to read about virtio-vsock, not sure is this is just communication between host and guest or if it can be used instead of 9p