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  1. Thanks for your response! Have deleted the files now.
  2. Hi! I'm having problems with renewing my certificates (they expires tomorrow) and I'm hoping that I can get some help from you. In my router I have port forward for 80 and 443 to my unraid server and the ports 180 and 1443. My SWAG container has HTTP as 180 and https as 1433. The external access to my dockers work (at least for https, I don't have anything on http to access). If i try to browse i get redirected to this is what the log says. any suggestions? EDIT: Well, it was all my fault, as usual. My firewall is constantly complaining about intrusion attempt, so I geoblock countries. LetsEncrypt couldn't fetch the challenge since I had blocked USA.
  3. I'm trying to install an app which requires PDLIB, how do I install this in the docker? The guides I found is how to enable this on linux servers.
  4. Yes, the GPU ID stays the same. No, i do not have the Nvidia driver installed in unraid. fresh logs from this morning. i did a reboot and after that it doesnt work.
  5. So, I restarted my server and once again I get this exact problem. This error have happened each time I have rebooted my server. Is there no one that can help?
  6. I would be happy if i could get any help with this. An update. I was able to get it to work again, this is what i did * remove gpu from VM config * remove gpu from vfio. * reboot server * add gpu in vfio * reboot server * add gpu to vm config. This morning it once again stopped working after a server And this time the fix above didn't work. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi, To start with, a lot have happen in the last days on my server, I had a usb drive crash with no backup, so I had to start all over with configuration. I'm using 6.10-rc2, yesterday I had no problems starting my gaming VM. During the day I corrected some warnings in the "fix common problems", it was nothing big, mostly "enable this yyy". But today, starting my VM the syslog fills up immediately and my VM doesn't output anything on the display. This is shown in syslog, this is my gpu. Dec 9 07:29:11 Tower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:0c:00.0: BAR 1: can't reserve [mem 0xc0000000-0xcfffffff 64bit pref] And this is spammed until my log is full. As I said, yesterday this VM worked. and after I used it the last time I did a server shutdown. And now this morning it doesn't work.
  8. It does work but it is not persistent, after each reboot the VM my creatad boot record is gone. I go to Boot Maintenance Manager Boot Options Add Boot Option Select my nvme drive where windows 11 is installed EFI\Boot\biitx64.efi Add Description Commit Changes and Exit Change boot order Commit Changes and Exit Continue. This will boot my windows 11 VM. but just until next restart, then i have to do this all over again. using 6.10-rc2, OVMF TPM bios, Q35-6.1
  9. Hi there! I tried to passthrough my nvme, and that worked, the windows installation found the drive and i could install windows but after the first reboot it seems that device is not bootable, i end up with "press ESC to skip startup.nsh" and then its just stops and im in the shell. Any suggestions about this?
  10. Yeah, i have created a 30gb partition with diskpart and formatted it as FAT32, will try to copy the content to the drive and use the "makebootable.bat" file and see if it works.
  11. So my old usb died so i bought another one, they only had 64GB in stock and bought that one, now it seems that the USB Flash Creator tool is stuck on "syncing files system..." And now when i read on the download page is says that the usb can be maximum 32GB. Is there a way around it or must i buy a new USB again?
  12. No input at this at all? well, lets hope its plug'n'pray then. im a little bit worried about configuration for macvlan, shares, users and password, and ofcourse the disk.cfg that shall be edited that dont exist.
  13. I'm preparing for my new drive by reading The docs say this: The thing is, in my newly created usb drive I have no disk.cfg in the config folder. So shall I create it or will my array not start at boot since the file is missing?
  14. Hi, This morning when rebooting my server it seems that my USB stick is broken. UEFI doesn't find it as a bootable device and if i plug it into a windows laptop it says that i need to format the drive. First, it seems that i dont have a backup of the device, thought i had but cant find it. So how many problems can i expect when booting up with a clean usb? second, how "hard" is it to replace the usb sticks? i have another quite old drive home, and i want my server up asap. so thinking of using that drive now and replace it with a new drive soon.