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  1. yeah i understand the basics of backup. nothing on my unraid will be that critical. but i will look into the backup so i can free one nvme device up, didnt event thought about looking for backup in the apps 😃 haven't had the time to look for the app yet, but is it possible for the app to backup online (onedrive or azure (have msdn subscription, so free space =)). or do i have to get the backup online with rclone or similar?
  2. yes i know that, but it is good enough for me. the vm backup plugin would not be a great backup either because it will (probably) store the backup on the array, and if my server goes boom boom my backup goes boom boom 😃 but yeah, i will check that out, if i can save the money or use that second ssd to something else it could be good, thx
  3. Not sure i will pass through, will probably use them both in raid1 so i have backup on my VMs. Which SSD would you recommend?
  4. Late response but i think i have decided now, and thanks for all the help. Gigabyte x570 Aourus Master (i believe 😃 who knows, maybe choose the ultra or pro) Ryzen 3900x 2x Kingston A2000 NVMe 1tb (for cache and VMs) 4x16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX Black / 3200MHz / CL16 continue to use my GTX 1070 until there is a valid amd card out there. GeForce GT 710 for my unraid needs I will primary use this hardware to build my new unraid machine and move some VMs and my other NAS to it. I will then try to get a gaming VM up and running. if i succeed, YAY. If i dont, no worries 😃
  5. once again testdasi. thank you for great feedback! 😃 regarding the asus board, i will check with asus support about this. the gigabyte board only have 6 sata but 3 m.2, need to verify pcie lanes. Nic passthrough is not needed as long as i can bridge ex. eth2 to br2 and so on. i'm using bridge today even though passthrough *would* be nice. i will try the mobo controller first, thanks 😃 if my girl have complaints she can buy her own computer! noo, just kidding but if it will be a problem i can always get a second computer or get a eGPU dock for my laptop, the options is there 😃 feel that if i would run 2 gaming desktops on unraid i would need to buy threadripper or skylake-x, and that will be expensive i will have atlest 4 VMs except the gaming VM. and sometimes i have more because im testing things for work (at most i had around 20 on previously win server). so my thought is either to run everything (vdisk and dockers) on nvme or have atlest two, one for the gaming and then one for everything else. but im thinking if i get a 2tb nvme i should have no problem using that for everything. one question, does unraid have any dedup? alot of space to save when running virtual win servers.
  6. Thank you for very great feedback! =) This build will happend around feb/mars, but i need to start reading up on things. Regarding the X5700XT, i can choose an nvidia too if it is better, lets wait and see if the issue with navi is resolved until i will build my machine. do you know where i can follow up on the progress? Regarding the u.2, this is what the manual says on page 1-4: 1: The reason for quad nic is that im running 2 pfsense machines and also I like VMs and dockers to be on separate nic from unraid server. 1 nic for management and other nics for other stuff, just a habit i have. 2: i did some reading and as i understood it, it can be difficult to passthrough usb ports attached to the motherboard to a specific VM, so that is not an issue? 3: me and my girl almost never play on computer at the same time, most of the time one is on the computer and the other play xbox/ps. 4: i dont really need 2 nvme. my plan was to have one nvme assigned only to the gaming VM as physical passthrough and let other VMs have virtual harddrive on the other drive which will also serve as cache. So you would say to have maybe a 2tb NVMe as cache and have all VMs, dockers and file transfer on that single cache drive? "Initial Display Output" sounds like a good feature, i was looking for information about a scenario like this: "what if my VM with gpu passthrough doesn't start and i can't access the unraid webpage" so, talking about that scenario, what would happen if my VM doesn't start and i don't have a second GPU?
  7. Hi, I'm kind of new to unraid, have been running it on a xeon 1240l v3, 32gb ecc ram, intel motherboard for a few months now, and I want to take the next step. Today I have that server, used for storage, 4 dockers and a few virtual machines. I have an old Intel NUC for some tasks. I have a Zyxel 4bay NAS. We have two gaming desktops (will be replaced with one new) So I want to have all of this in one physical machine. I was looking into buying the Ryzen 3950x and a Asus Pro WS X570-Ace motherboard, and begin with 2x32gb ecc ram. Now I have some questions about this, regarding both compability and pcie-lanes I heard that there is a problem with GPU passthrough with new ryzen bios, is this still a problem and is it a big problem or just a problem for few users? How do i need to think regarding pcie-lanes? To summarize what I'm going to put into my computer: 8 sata HDD (there are four sata ports and then one u.2 mini sas port on the motherboard) 2 m.2 SSD (nvme for virtual machines, the other as unraid cache) 1 quad GB nic, pcie x4 1 usb-c controller card, pcie x4 1 gpu (X5700XT or something like that) Now I need help thinking M.2_1 goes over the CPU's pcie x4 Pcie x16_1 and _2 go over the CPU's pcie x16 in x8 / x8 if I use both. Pcie x16_3 uses the chipset x4. M.2_2 shares lanes with pcie x4, so if both ports are used, M.2_2 will go into x1. This goes over the chipsets x4. 4 sata and u.2 mini sas (up to 4 sata) go over the chipsets x4. So if I stop a nvme in M.2_1. GPU in x16_1 and quad nic in x16_2 then graphics cards will run in x8, which I have read does not matter at all unless i buy a 2080ti. The following will be using the 4 lanes between chipset and cpu USB-C controller in x16_3 SSD in m.2_2 4 disks in the sata ports and then further 4 disks in the u.2 port. Will there be a bottleneck in my setup? Regards