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  1. Just an update regarding this. After running several different tests (I can specify them later if further troubleshooting is necessary). I have ran several different Memtest combinations now and it seems that 1 of 4 modules is broken. So I ran a test with 1 kit (two modules) that passed, then I enabled XMP and then ran the test again and that failed. So I will do some more memtest and when I have two stable modules (with/without XMP) I will test my problems in Unraid again.
  2. I believe that 6.10-RC8 was very stable for me. On thing that I changed after upgrading from RC to Stable was that I changed from OVMF to OVMF - TMP for my gaming VM. I could revert back to OVMF before downgrading just to see if my VM issues is solved. But, the problems I have with downloading and unpack .rar files - (Packed data checksum error in The volume is corrupt Checksum error in The file is corrupt) is on a different VM does not have TMP. So there it should be another problem. What I changed there was that i went from i440fx-3.1 to i440fx-6.2. Should I try to revert machine type for one VM and BIOS on the other before reverting to RC8?
  3. just now my main VM blue screened.
  4. So, once again my computer came to a complete freeze, I was using my gaming VM when everything just froze. I tried to ssh from a laptop but I was completely locked out, again. When I was using 6.10-RC releases I had no problems with this, they started as soon as I upgraded to stable, and continued with 6.10.1 and still continues with 6.10.2. Yesterday when everything froze I was browsing one of the file shares on the server. Now my memory is bad but I do believe that exactly this happened a few days earlier, that I was browsing a file share or watched some media from that file share. The next problem I have is also related to file shares I believe, I have another VM where I download some shit. I download to a file share and then when I shall unpack the files a lot of the files I have downloaded is corrupted, I have never ever had this problem before unraid 6.10-stable. Packed data checksum error in The volume is corrupt Checksum error in The file is corrupt
  5. Rebooted and now my drives are there. But I don't know if I would called it "solved". It was only 4 days ago I did the last reboot and looking in the bug reports there seems to be one more with the same behavior, that the Main tab is empty.
  6. Hi, after upgrading from RC8 -> 6.10 -> 6.10.1 I have seen some issues here and there. Once my server got completely inaccessible, it was like the network died, I couldn´t access the server in anyway nor any VMs or dockers. I had to force the server down with the power button. The WebUI is really slow in some scenarios, like accessing the VMs tab from my iPhone, tapping on VMs and nothing happens, nothing happens, nothing happens, my patience runs out and I tap on something else and then back to VMs and if I´m lucky the tab loads. Doing the same from my computer that tabs usually loads instantly. Now for the issue I´m having now, the Main tab is not showing any of my drives. I have tried from two different computers and also from my phone. I have cleared cookies but that doesn´t help. My drives showed up in the Main tab yesterday, but not today.
  7. Hi, I have updated to 6.10 stable and yesterday I installed a new Win11 VM. In that VM I enabled Memory Integrity (Core islolation) and instantly the VM consumes ALOT of resources. I have ryzen 7 3900x with 4+4 cpus allocated, just starting Edge or Firefox and have empty tabs consumes 50% of the CPU. I installed openvpn client on that machine and doing a speed test gives me a result of 20% of my maximum bandwidth while alot of CPU is used. I use many win11 machines with Memory Integrity in my work and I have never seen this scenario on them. Something seems quite broken when using win11 security features in a VM on Unraid.
  8. I was wild and crazy, first i updated uefi fimware and then from rc8 -> stable.. no issues yet 😃
  9. Just upgraded from rc5, no problems so far. Even wireguard works good.
  10. I might be stupid, but how do I schedule the script to a time of my liking? I thought I would be able to choose a start time after selecting Scheduled Daily.
  11. confirmed that it need to respond to ping, and it doesn't do that. so this can't be solved with UD. Need to solve it somehow else.
  12. Thx for the answer, it doesn't respond to ping, so i guess i need to solve this another way
  13. Hi, I'm trying to mount a Azure File Share but it does not work. I tried to mount it in a linux VM and that worked great, but following UD´s next next finish just say that the share is offline. this is the mount string I used in the VM (some data generalized). Any suggestions? sudo mkdir /mnt/test if [ ! -d "/etc/smbcredentials" ]; then sudo mkdir /etc/smbcredentials fi if [ ! -f "/etc/smbcredentials/mystorageaccount.cred" ]; then sudo bash -c 'echo "username=mystorageaccount." >> /etc/smbcredentials/mystorageaccount.cred' sudo bash -c 'echo "password=supergreatpassword" >> /etc/smbcredentials/mystorageaccount.cred' fi sudo chmod 600 /etc/smbcredentials/mystorageaccount..cred sudo bash -c 'echo "// /mnt/test cifs nofail,vers=3.0,credentials=/etc/smbcredentials/mystorageaccount..cred,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777,serverino" >> /etc/fstab' sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/test -o vers=3.0,credentials=/etc/smbcredentials/mystorageaccount.cred,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777,serverino
  14. Ok, I will check over there to get help with this within the plugin, but, if the plugin can't handle this i still need help with how to configure this in Unraid, so no suggestions about how to do that?
  15. That was the first thing I tried, didn't get it to work.. it only says smb is offline and the mount button is greyed out.