SMB broke shfs (6.10-rc2)


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I was moving a file from one folder to another within a share (on Mac) when an error occurred and the share disconnected. Checking the terminal I saw /mnt/user/ was inaccessible.


Sorry I don't have a full syslog or diagnostics to share but this (coincident with the SMB disconnection) seemed relevant:


Dec  4 09:05:21 NAS shfs: shfs: ../lib/fuse.c:1451: unlink_node: Assertion `node->nlookup > 1' failed.


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Thanks, I should have searched. Looks like it goes all the way back to 6.8.3

I triggered it over an SMB connection. This particular share doesn't have NFS enabled unless you meant system-wide.


I can imagine SMB bugs triggering the underlying fuse "bug" (which is marked as won't fix) so I'll wait for a version with SMB fixes before digging deeper.


I think in my particular case a stale directory listing resulted in the attempted move of non-existent file.  

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