SABnzb stopping when SSD is around 450GB left free

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I have 4TB of SSD and SAB likes to crash all of docker when it gets down to around the 450GB mark.  I'm not sure why it's doing this. I have 1GB fiber and do max it out when pulling files. Decided to wipe my library and start clean so it's been going for a few days. Lately with things filling up I'm having this issue. I've had the CA Moving Tuner plugin added that I thought would handle moving and SAB to avoid any slowdowns or issues. Is there something else I could be doing or do I just need to let mover free up some space then slow SAB down?

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What user share is being written? You have one that looks like it might be called downloads (anonymized) or something like that, and it is cache-prefer.


That means Unraid will write new files to cache if there is room, overflow to the array if there isn't room, if any files overflow to the array, move files to cache when mover runs if there is room.


If instead, you were writing to a cache-yes share, Unraid would write new files to cache if there is room, overflow to the array if there isn't room, move files to the array when mover runs.


Mover runs on schedule, default is once per day in the middle of the night.


How Unraid decides if there is room depends on the Minimum Free setting for the share (or for cache), and you have no Minimum for download or for cache, so it will never decide there isn't enough room.


Unraid has no way to know how large a file will become when it chooses a disk for it. If a disk has more than Minimum, the disk can be chosen. If the disk is chosen and the file won't fit, the write fails. You must set Minimum Free for each user share (or cache) to larger than the largest file you expect to write to the share (or cache)


9 hours ago, FlyingTexan said:

I guess my first question is what normally happens if SABnzb gets to the end of the cache pool? Should it pause until it's cleared or is what happened somewhat expected?

sab doesn't know anything about any of that. It just tells Unraid to write the file.

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7 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Pool has two data profiles, it needs to be balanced, you'll get a notification about that if they are enable. 

Can you give a little more detail? Did I screw something during setup? It’s been running like this for a while. Are you saying it sees two profiles and tries to use them both at once? Do I just need to remove one somewhere? 

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