Prompt on shutdown of the array to close open processes

Prompt on array shutdown  

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It was mentioned today on the unoffical Discord that when you shutdown the array it has the potential to hang and does not inform you of any open processes and expects you to find them and close them before it will finish the shutdown. 


This request is therefore to add a prompt in the GUI (maybe also CLI) that when a user issues a command that will shutdown the array to display a message to the user. This message would be something to the affect of "The following processes are stopping shutdown of the array" at which point it lists the processes and PIDs. (Likely will need to have this auto refresh as other processes could start to use the system)


In addition to the simple message, it could include a prompt asking the user if they would like to kill the processes and force the array shutdown. 


I believe adding such a feature will be a very good addition and improve the overall user experience. 

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On 12/14/2021 at 5:52 PM, bonienl said:

The plugin Dynamix Stop Shell can help mitigate a hanging system. it will terminate all open shells when the array is stopped.

Keep in mind that forcibly terminating a process may lead to data loss.


The plugin would work yes however it automatically stops the sessions without any user input or knowledge. 


My feature request is for a prompt and list so the user has full knowledge of the process(es) stopping shutdown of the array and can action it all within the unraid UI. 

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