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  1. Appologies to sound like an annoying teenager, but do you have an ETA or maybe roadmap of features. Equally is there a github page for this so that maybe people can help develop the feature?
  2. Hello Limetech, Talking in the unoffical discord we noticed when you add a new container and click apply it runs a docker run however when you edit a stopped container it does a docker create Now this method is okay however some people would like the option to not have a container to start on creation. Essentially the feature request is to add a tickbox called something like "Start container on creation/edit" on a container creation and edit page. By default this would be ticked so that it does not affect the current usage of the containers and does not caus
  3. This has been requested atleast once before by @aptalca back in 2018 however this still doesn't seem to have been implemented? Basically instead of one tarball of all the appdata directories, please could we have the option to have it seperated per directory? This will make a restore much easier for people who only want to restore one application. Currently they would have to manually untarball the file and move the directory. So the feature request is: Backup: In the backup config page have a option called "Backup Directories Seperately" If this o
  4. So I seem to be having a strange issue with the above mentioned plugin... I am not sure if @dlandon just needs to provide an update so it will work with 6.9? Basically what it means is I can't attach or detach any USB devices... When I click attach or dettach I get the following: Which seems to just be HTML of the whole page I am on.... I have tried reinstalling the plugin but it still shows the same when trying to attach or dettach a USB device 🙁
  5. Reading the SMART data suggests the disk is fine, I would first check the cables to the disk (power and SATA) If everything looks fine you should be able to: 1. Stop Array 2. Un-assign drive 3. Start Array 4. Stop Array 5. Assign Drive 6. Start Array Once this has been complete the drive should be added back to the array and any data changes that have happened to the emulated drive in the meantime will be written back to it.
  6. +1 This feature is deffinately required from a UX perspective!
  7. I could be thinking things wrongly but my understanding is that @CHBMB is stopping unraid deleopment so no plugins for unraid from them... I am unsure how this affects dockers since they can and always have been able to manually install them pulling directly from DockerHub instead of using CommunityApps. It would be nice (if not already provided somewhere) to have offical word from the whole team. But I agree with multiple replies that if there was better communitcation from @limetech then @CHBMB quiting development likely would not of happened..
  8. For reference to anyone in the future I have fixed this by doing the following: Removed br0.20 from unraid network settings Set Windows VM network to br0 Set vlan tagging inside the Windows VM for VLAN 20 This has allowed for my Windows VM to connect to the correct subnet and also allows me to manage my unraid webui and docker uis also.
  9. I would check the "Cache" setting of the share in question and confirm that it hasn't been set to "No"
  10. Hello, So as the title suggests I am unable to access my dockers that are in default bridge mode from a Windows VM (on unraid) from a VLAN (br0.20) Here is what my unraid network config looks like: Here is a screenshot of my dockers : While on my Windows VM (which has it's network as br0.20) I am unable to access the docker containers on the standard bridge mode (eg Grafana) however I am able to access the dockers using custom networks (eg UNMS). My network setup as follows: br0 (Standard bridge) is on a s
  11. Okay brilliant so setting the following in Auto Update: and then the following in backup: Will backup every Sunday at 3:05 and once complete trigger an update.
  12. Could someone explain how the "Update Applications On Restart?" setting works on this plugin? If I have this set to yes what should I set in the "CA Auto Update Applications" settings?
  13. Yeh I didn't want my VM to die randomly as I use it for gaming. I will have a look at working out some better docker memory limits. Thanks for helping me understand how it works.