Give The Gift of Unraid This Holiday Season!


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Hi everyone!


Are you struggling to find a last-minute gift for that tech-savvy friend of yours? What about hooking up your IT staff with a way to build their own home lab? Unraid is the perfect gift for that techie you love this holiday season! Just visit and click "Buy Now" under any of the key types. Instead of a full blown registration key, you will be given an activation code that you can give to your friend/loved one/coworker/employee to use whenever they want! Spread the home server love with Unraid!!


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is brand new to our website.  Previously you had to have a running server to initiate the purchase process for a registration key.  This new method is ideal for gift-giving!

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Instructions to Redeem Your Activation Code


First, follow the Unraid Getting Started guide to set up a server.

Once your server is up and running:

  • Login to your Unraid server's webgui. (http://tower or http://tower.local from Mac by default)
  • Sign in to your account (or create one) from the top-right of the webgui and select "Purchase Key" (Unraid 6.10) or, for Unraid 6.9 and older, navigate to the Tools -> Registration page in the webGui and click "Purchase Key."
  • Select the corresponding license you purchased via activation code, enter the activation code and complete the activation process. Your registration key will be emailed to you with instructions for installation!

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