Can I move some files back to cache?


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My movies folder is set to use cache (cache:yes) until cache hits 90%, then mover runs. I’d like to move most of my Christmas movies back to the cache while they are in demand and save my array from spinning up.  Can I move files BACK to the cache without forcing the whole share to Cache:Prefer?


My cache is a raid1 pool, so I’m not concerned about protection for the files. 

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Move (or copy but then the mover won't move them back, it won't move existing files, you'd need to delete them manually when not needed) using disk paths to avoid issues, e.g. /mnt/disk1/share to /mnt/cache/share, you can also use /mnt/user0/share to /mnt/cache/share, never use /mnt/user/share to /mnt/cache/share.


6 minutes ago, Andiroo2 said:

When I want them to go back to the array, do I run mover

This, as long as the use cache setting is correctly set.


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