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  1. Yep, I agree. I was checking to see if you were experiencing the same issue as I was. I rolled back to docker tag linuxserver/plex: and I have HW transcode back for now. EDIT: I upped this to linuxserver/plex: docker (v1.22.0.4163 per recommendation from the Plex forum thread on this issue: Hoping it fixes the audio sync issue I started to notice on the older version I tried first (v1.21.3.4046).
  2. I rolled back to v1.21.3.4046 and HW tone mapping transcode is working again EDIT: ...and now I've got audio sync issues again on ATV4K. Gonna have to play with some newer versions tomorrow.
  3. Thx, disabling and will report back.
  4. I'm having issues with the Cache Directories plugin since moving to 6.9.x. I never used to notice my drives spinning up on 6.8.x but now I can't open an explorer window on my VM without the spin-up pause. My settings have changed as I have tried to address the's the current view: Diagnostics posted for background. Thanks!
  5. On my system, HW transcode only breaks for tone mapping enabled 4K HDR files. Can you check on your end too? Is HW transcode working for other file types?
  6. Same thing happening here. Quick Sync HW transcode has stopped working on 4k HDR when Tone Mapping is enabled. I can HW transcode 4K and 1080p without issue, but HDR transcode (tone mapping) has stopped working. Disabling Tone Mapping in Plex settings fixes the issue. I am on Unraid v6.9.2, v1.22.2.4282 of Plex and using an i7 10700k CPU. I have this in the Plex container log at startup...not sure if it's related: 2021-04-14 11:09:21 ERROR 404: Not Found.
  7. To be clear, my SMB share still works perfectly. I am transferring data to this remote share as part of a backup process weekly and it's working as expected. I am just getting these errors spamming my Unraid logs.
  8. Update: still getting the error messages in the log, starting about 10 minutes later: Apr 12 09:23:05 Tower unassigned.devices: Mount SMB share '//MACMINI-581918/DATA' using SMB3 protocol. Apr 12 09:23:05 Tower unassigned.devices: Mount SMB command: /sbin/mount -t cifs -o rw,nounix,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,uid=99,gid=100,vers=3.0,credentials='/tmp/unassigned.devices/credentials_DATA' '//MACMINI-581918/DATA' '/mnt/remotes/MACMINI-581918_DATA' Apr 12 09:23:05 Tower kernel: CIFS: Attempting to mount //MACMINI-581918/DATA Apr 12 09:23:06 Tower unassigned.devices: Suc
  9. Thanks!! I've completed the steps. I will report back on the log status.
  10. It’s a Mac mini. I’ve got a SMB connection from the Unraid server to the Mac via the UD plugin.
  11. Confirmed on my UniFi equipment that nothing has jumbo frames enabled.
  12. I wonder if the Speedtest API has changed…
  13. Having issues with the SpeedtestforInfluxDB docker today. I can't get it to load (after a year of reliable use). Logs show this error immediately upon starting the container: Loading Configuration File config.ini Configuration Successfully Loaded Traceback (most recent call last): File "/src/", line 8, in <module> File "/src/influxspeedtest/", line 176, in run self.run_speed_test(server) File "/src/influxspeedtest/", line 121, in run_speed_test self.setup_speedtest(server) File "/src/influxspeedtest/In
  14. I'm also hitting the "Cancelling wait for mid" issue on my Unassigned Disk remote SMB share connected to a Mac: Apr 7 14:35:03 Tower kernel: CIFS: VFS: \\MACMINI-581918\DATA Close unmatched open for MID:ad201 Apr 7 14:35:03 Tower kernel: CIFS: VFS: \\MACMINI-581918\DATA Close cancelled mid failed rc:-9 Apr 7 14:37:35 Tower kernel: CIFS: VFS: \\MACMINI-581918\DATA Close interrupted close Apr 7 14:42:37 Tower kernel: CIFS: VFS: \\MACMINI-581918 Cancelling wait for mid 1443535 cmd: 6 Apr 7 14:42:37 Tower kernel: CIFS: VFS: \\MACMINI-581918\DATA Close interrupted close Apr 7 14:
  15. My original issue was related to Plex RAM transcoding set up incorrectly. I was transcoding to /tmp, which allowed the Plex docker to eventually use all the available RAM in the system without properly freeing it up when it ran out. I changed to a fixed RAM disk instead, set to 12GB, and the system has worked perfectly ever since. When it approaches 12GB used for transcoding, it properly frees up RAM on the RAM disk and transcoding keeps on moving without impacting the rest of the server.