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  1. Andiroo2's post in SSH key login setup fail on v6.11.5 was marked as the answer   
    Fix it.  I had to edit this file and manually add my public key:
  2. Andiroo2's post in Rebuilt cache, now can only boot into safe mode was marked as the answer   
    I started removing plugins based on their update dates.  I removed only one:
    CA Mover Tuning ...and I was able to restart.  
    I then saw there is an update today for the Unassigned Devices plugin that I still had installed.  This is in the release notes for that update:
    Unassigned.devices 2021.12.08 Fix: Deal gracefully with udev not returning any information on a partition. Fix: Issue with loss of GUI on 6.9. 2021.12.07 Add: Show a disk that drops out of the array and ends up as an unassigned device as unmountable and mark it as 'Array'. Fix: Rewrite check for used share name because the scheme used interferred with a device mount.  
    I wonder if the "Loss of GUI on 6.9" is my issue.
    In any case, I updated to it and was able to reboot again.  I'll mark this SOLVED for now.