Disable Docker Template Sync on Update/Check etc

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i noticed with my transmission  docker   that when you delete  or if you do a new install and delete fields..  

it comes back next time Docker checks for updates or does updates.. it puts in 5 fields i deleted  and breaks  the settings file where you manually have to edit it..


i had to go around the block getting help  and one person on discord said its an unraid issue that unraid might be working on.. but if its not i figured id ask for the next release to Disable Docker template sync...  so it stops downloading  template from the repositories


my journey

starting with  transmission support page.. which is github  they say not there problem to  send you to transmssion website  you cant create user account.. to me asking help in community apps forum.. and squid sent me to discord for linux respository...  and in the end they tell me its an unraid problem..   so been around the block

its a circle 



so they had me go into the flash drive  /plugins/dockermon   edit the my-transmission.xml

and change





so it stop basiclly bricking transmission everyday


be nice an option in Template  to say disable  template sync..  as its a pain in the butt 

basiclly everday  you need to delete 5 fields in transmission template  and  delete the settings file in the app data  just to get it to work


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