H200 degraded link in a Dell R515

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I bought a Dell r515 that had a perc H700 (that works perfectly, but in RAID mode) and replace it wit a perc H200, flashed to IT mode, changed from H200A to H200I to work into the dedicated slot through this tutorial


The H200 works perfectly in a test computer, but when I put it in the r515 on the decdicated slot, the following error happens:


PCIe Degraded Link With Error: Integrated SAS
Expected Link Width is x4
Actual Link Width is x2


Every test with the original H700 or putting the H200 in another computer is perfect, so the r515 Raiser and the H200 are working, only not when togheter...

I cannot put the H200 in another slot because the cables wont reach it...

Any ideas?


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