Lost Web-Interface after Updating 6.10.1 to 6.10.2

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Use Broadcom NIC with tg3 driver and enable VT-d ?


If yes, you can edit the config file ( "Syslinux Configuration" ) to add intel_iommu=off or unplug the USB to another PC to edit it.


Create a blank tg3.conf file to un-blacklist the driver if you confirm no corrupt issue by tg3+VT-d.


Data Corruption possible with tg3 driver when Intel VT-d is enabled.

The combination of Linux 5.15 kernel, tg3 driver, and Intel VT-d enabled appears to be causing data corruption.  This has been verified on several platforms which include a Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet NIC (note: there may be others).  This release includes the following workaround:


Very early in server startup (rc.S) if Intel VT-d is detected enabled, then the script will unconditionally create the file:


with following content:

blacklist tg3

Hence by default if VT-d is enabled, which is to say, it has not been disabled in either bios or via kernel "intel_iommu=off", then we are going to blacklist the tg3 driver on all platforms.

What if someone has a platform where tg3 does not give them any trouble with VT-d enabled? In this case they must create an empty file on their flash device:


When the startup sequence continues it will get to the point where it executes:

install -p -m 0644 /boot/config/modprobe.d/* /etc/modprobe.d

A blank tg3.conf file stored on the flash then effectively un-blacklists it.

There will be users who will lose network connectivity because their NIC is blacklisted. If you are running on a problematic platform you should go into your bios and disable VT-d. If this is a platform without issue, then you will need to create the blank tg3.conf file on your flash config/modprobe.d directory.

It may take some time to identify and integrate a proper fix for this issue, at which point we will remove the auto-blacklisting code.  I want to thank @JorgeB for his incredible help in identifying and isolating this issue.






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Btrfs already found some corruption and there are the typical call traces logged, you should disable vt-d now, if you really need it you should go back to v6.9.2 for now, note that you can still run VMs with vt-d disabled, just not able to pass-through any devices to one.

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