Create own templates to keep deploying the same images? Possible?

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So this maybe an odd scenario


I need to deploy VM's of firewalls to test, they only have a 30 day licence, and then have to be rebuilt. Is there a fast way of having everything configured as a template for one of these vm's pointing to an iso, so I can just click a few times, start one up and it builds - if these were physical boxes I was building, I could script the config so I have a baseline config (management IP dns servers, basic password etc) which I was hoping I could also use

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I was looking for something like this a while back, never got any answers on here.


Best solution I found was to create a VM with the settings I needed.

Then before starting it for the first time, go to Edit -> XML View.

And copy all the XML code and save it somewhere safe.


Next time I needed a new VM

Hit the 'Add VM' button, choose 'Custom VM' paste in the XML code and click Create.

I sometimes had to edit the VM name or ISO image file.


Hope it helps.  ;-)

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