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  1. Hi, Unraid newbie here, trying to figure out how to get things working... 😕 I've made a few VM's for testing out different setups. Each one has some modifications to the XML. My problem is every time I edit the VM I lose the XML edits. Is there anyway to save the modified XML as a template ? In Proxmox and VMWare I was able to edit the XML once the VM was created and it stayed through hardware changes. But I can't seems to find the VM XML files in Unraid. All help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, I came here looking for an answer to this exact problem. My test H/W is a little different: Optiplex i5 7010, 16gb RAM with HP Quad port server NIC. pfSense is not seeing any of the NIC's when passed through, but Windows 7 Pro is. I also removed the quad card from the PC and tried using just the builtin Intel NIC, but in my case pfSense doesn't see the br0 or the virbr0 NIC's either. I'm using using pfSense 2.4.4.iso and Unraid 6.8.0 trail, both downloaded today.